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"Working with Hannah was one of the best decisions I made during my pregnancy. Her knowledge, empathy, humor, and tremendous skill set equipped me to have an extremely positive birth experience. From pregnancy to birth to postpartum, she was a ray of light, always there with insight and information. I felt deeply cared for and understood by her. I had a hospital birth, during which she was able to keep me informed and clear headed despite hospital staff trying to make changes to aspects of my birth plan and general pushback on many of my requests. My partner and I were able to make decisions quickly, efficiently, and with a wealth of knowledge we would not have had without her by our side. Thank you Hannah for guiding me through the most important and beautiful event of my life. I am certain my positive experience was based on having her right by my side the entire time. I cannot say enough wonderful things about Hannah. To say she helped me to feel empowered is an understatement. I recommend her to absolutely anyone." -Christiana

Hannah was our postpartum doula and we could not have been happier with our experience! Hannah immediately put us at ease with her kind, calm and nonjudgmental demeanor and helped us in so many ways we didn’t anticipate. From baby care to baby wearing to breast milk storage and beyond she was a wealth of knowledge and support. Hannah answered all of our first time parent questions (and believe me we had a lot!) and referred us to trusted specialists after recognizing our little one needed some extra feeding support. On overnights Hannah always had my pump supplies ready to go and put everything away for me to make sure I got every second of sleep I could. Waking up to clean bottles, folded clean laundry and a baby who had been cared for like he was her own was absolutely priceless as a new mom. It's clear Hannah has a passion for her work and genuinely cares for the families she works with. Hannah truly made our transition into parenthood less overwhelming and we cannot thank her enough! - Alexa 

"Thank you SO much for coming last fall to help us catch up on some much needed sleep. Even though I was breastfeeding every 2-3 hours I got much more sleep than I usually do and woke up feeling amazing. Also thank you for helping out with little things around the house during the night! Coming down to a clean kitchen and folded laundry was a really nice way to start the day off on the right foot." -Katie

"Hannah was a key part to my successful natural birth! Her compassion and caring attitude made my baby's birth a beautiful experience. Her massage techniques were beneficial for pain management and contributed to the reason why I was able to have an unmedicated birth, even while being induced. She also gave us the most beautiful gift of capturing the most precious first moments meeting our sweet child! I would highly recommend!!" -Claudine

"Thank you for everything you've done to prepare us, and give us advice on how to use our voices during a time we needed to use them most. We are so grateful for you! Your constant support and help during this special and vulnerable time made my delivery a breeze! We don't know what we would have done without you during this process. Thank you for supporting, not judging, my decision on the epidural and helping me feel that it was the right thing for my well being. Thank you for being nurturing, kind, and attentive. Thank you for being you. You will always be in our lives & hearts." -Lisa

“Hannah was amazingly helpful for my spouse's transition to parenthood since I had to go back to work early. Her presence provided deep insights on how to care for a newborn, such as feeding, burping, sleeping, and bathing techniques. Aside from that she is exceedingly helpful with household tasks, such as cooking, cleaning, and organization. I loved coming home to see the baby clothes and pantry so perfectly organized. Perhaps the biggest benefit is the building of both skill and confidence that we can raise this baby. Thank you, Hannah!" -Eva

"Hannah is an amazing doula. I felt at ease with her when I first met her. She listened to my needs and helped communicate them when I couldn't during the labor process. She created a comfortable homebirth environment and took great detail in making the space feel warm and peaceful. She asked for my input on what things would make me feel comfortable and brought birth artwork and low lighting to my room. It was just what I needed. Even my bathroom turned into a peaceful, quiet space! That gave me a place to myself when I needed quiet from my birthing team and family. Hannah communicated with the birth team well. She relayed my concerns and requests to everyone. When I was frustrated with the team not understanding my requests, she was there to help advocate my wants in a diplomatic manner. It was helpful having Hannah during visits during pregnancy to understand my personality and the family dynamics. It made everything smoother. I am so grateful Hannah was there for me during these difficult times while pregnant. I am new to the area and don't have friends and family near. It brought great relief to my family back home that I had a doula. Without her support, I would have likely had to transfer for a hospital birth. Thank you so much!" - Crystal

"We had an incredible experience working with Hannah as our doula. She has such a calming presence that I noticed as soon as I met her, which was crucial for having the peaceful hospital birth that I had envisioned. She was great at advocating for my wishes for an unmedicated hospital birth. It was such a magical day and we cannot thank Hannah enough for all of the support and knowledge she provided. I would definitely recommend working with her!" -Jenna

"Hannah was exactly what my husband and I needed to help us feel confident throughout my pregnancy and the birth of our baby! We wanted a calm, gentle, low intervention birth and she was able to educate us on how best to achieve these goals and help us advocate for it at the hospital. We truly can't imagine if wed had to do it without her. I was able to achieve my dream birth because she empowered me to take control of my birth experience and empowered my husband to be the best birth partner!!! She also came in the first few weeks postpartum to help out around the house, answer baby questions, make me feel confident with breastfeeding and listen to me vent! It was incredible helpful and eased us into life with a new baby!" -Kate

"Hannah, Eric and I can't thank you enough for the support you provided us. If we could give any expecting parent advice it would be that doula partnership is well worth the investment. We feel so lucky to have found you. Your knowledge, guidance, advocacy, and calming presence were so beyond helpful. I could not envision our birth story without you and would highly recommend you to anyone looking for support. Thank you again. We wish you all the best." - Christina

My wife and I couldn't have asked for a better support person during her pregnancy.  Hannah was there for us every step of the way, from two thoughtful prenatal visits where she answered all our questions and addressed our concerns, to being a calming presence during the birth itself and one post-natal visit to meet our newborn and bring us treats.  She was also available at literally ALL hours of the day/night via call or text before and after the birth.  Her expertise and genuine care were evident throughout the pregnancy and birthing process.  Doctors and nurses can put a lot of pressure on expecting parents to give in or make decisions quickly and Hannah was always sure to remind us that it is our birth experience and we have choices in everything.  She truly advocated for us hard and made sure the doctors/nurses adhered to our birth plan. To top it all off, her homemade lactation cookies were an unexpected but VERY delightful treat that helped with my wife's postpartum recovery. We truly appreciate Hannah's dedication and support, and would highly recommend her to anyone in need of a compassionate and experienced doula. - Scott

Hannah is an amazing postpartum doula. She helped us take care of our newborn daughter three nights a week for her first two months. Hannah was a skilled and loving caregiver, who helped bring order and tranquility to our home, and was also really kind and playful with our nearly four year old son, despite his antics. She was always on time and communicated well about what had happened in the night time with our baby while we were sleeping. She also gave notice well in advance about possible scheduling conflicts or sick days, and both were very rare. We had night nurses for our son, which was very important and helpful, but Hannah brought a higher sense of wellness to our home than any of the others we had worked with. I could not give a higher recommendation. - Brian

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